Drawing and painting

What's better than coffee and painting on location with friends?

What's better than finishing off a good sketch done on location, followed up by a good coffee shop to compare notes with painting friends over a capucino and proscutto ham and cheese sammich?

Painting is my passion. A day in working in the field. A day in the studio.

I sell select works, and can ship them to you insured. I try to keep prices reasonable because I know how these times take a lot to live.



Sketches from Berlin

and Wiesbaden 2019


Sketches from Guadalajara

and Tlaquepague 2016

'Heroes' Series 2020-21

Older work: Mask series

'Sweet Baby' Series 2019-20


Israel sketches

Image was created before language and remains the most universal of all communication.


Show a drawing or painting to anyone, anywhere in the world and they will instantly 'get it.'


No need to explain 'this is a drawing of a boat or tree; communicability is its DNA. Therefore, to practice in these arts connects the artist to himself, to others, to the past, to the present and to the future.


To draw, then, is as profound as coming to a fire on a bitter cold night. For anyone. For everyone.