I'm a career artist and writer living in the beautiful North Georgia mountains. I started out painting billboards in the 1980s – grinning car salesmen, biscuits and gravy, lettering, you name it.

Later I got into scientific illustration with a science museum, and then went into newspapers, where I started writing in addition to doing illustration and graphics for the news department.

I later drifted in marketing, and wrote 'just add water' type ads and also some high-end stuff for international clients.

For the past ten years, I have been privaliged to work with low-income families in public housing. As a focus, I have been allowed to bring in a focus on the arts and creativity as a way to break the cycle of poverty. Specifically, working with kids, we brought in numerous programs to help kids envision a better future, and then create a path to get there.

I'm now seeing kids from 2013 now finishing up college. This is two things: We can all envision a better future. And then, roll up your sleeves and get to work :)

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A good idea works at any scale or size


The design for the largest ship in the world begins as a sketch.

If the design is sound, that can be translated into any material and at any size.

The design is a physical reflection of an idea. If the idea is good, if the sketch is good, if the design is good, it translates.

if the idea isn't solid, the ships.

A good idea is everything.