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        When we draw or paint together, we enter a shared zone of wonder that transcends the false narratives we have been fed by institutions, media and popular culture.

        Then, something amazing happens: we link up.

        This realization has motivated me to sketch with others around the globe over the decades: in city streets, on boats, in factories, in barren fields and in random places.

      It is in these times, in this synergy, I reflect that Jesus said we should love one another. Can you imagine a world where this actually happened?

       First, we must be able to sit together. In our increasingly uncivil world, this in itself is a tall order.

      Seen in that light, I suspect that the sketchbook may prove to be one of the great peacemakers of all time.

       Hey. It's a start.

SketchersFlyer copy.jpg

Above: A few moments sharing the synergy with a Kurd war refugee in Berlin. We shared stories, and then I gave him the sketch.


Above: Working with a group of refugees in Clarkston, GA.


Working with new friends in Georgia, working on a mural highlighting great local leaders.

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