A R T  with  R E F U G E E S

In the past year, I've come into contact with some delighful folks who are out there there in the world, really putting it all on the line to make a positive change in the world. It is my hope to expand this use of creativity as a platform to share the Gospel.

Solomon Adufah (at right) is a Chicago artist who is originally from Ghana, who crisscrosses Africa spreading his message of love by using his artistic talents. He plants art clubs in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and South Sudan. Happily, he is using my book Sketchy as a leave-behind textbook in this effort. I am honored to play a small role in his mission.

Lynn F. (below at right) taught at a school for deaf children in Mali, and she used my book as the textbook and as a leave-behind.

Rancho Con Esperanza (below) helps childen without parents in Mexico, and art is one of the ways they engage the kids. The textbook is being used there.