project design and oversight

What's that big project you've been putting off?


Few look forward to guiding a large project – such as designing and leading a mural group, or maybe a community garden or outdoor stage. Or maybe you always wanted to spiff up your companies lobby with a mini exhibit showcasing the company's character, history, results or just create a new compelling workspace.


case study #1

I designed a to-scale mural of Gainesville leaders and legends and oversaw at-risk kids to paint this mural.

The mural measure 12 feet high x 59 feet long. Each character has a brief description of their important contribution. I planned, purchased materials and led the kids to a successful result. Read the article in The Times.

case study #2

Working with Hall County Codes and Planning Department, I designed a to-scale 'drama' and music stage as a pavilion with benches and tables so at-risk children might have their own cool hangout – all in easy sight of parents. With about 100 volunteers, we built the entire project in one single day. It was built in 2014 and stands as sturdy today.

3. Pavillionpage.jpg
4. Outdoor class.jpg